Electrical CAD and Electrical Design

The Maxim Group offers electrical rolex replica distribution system design and electrical CAD to its customers around the world.

The design shown below is of the embedded electrical conduit layout in a new 15-story residential building located in a major metropolis (click to enlarge).

The sequence of steps that The Magnum Group and its omega replica watches customers follow to arrive at a certifiable, economically priced, extremely safe and reliable design are:

  1. Our customer gives us the architectural plan with rolex replica watches electrical points marked on it


    Our customer gives us the architectural plan and we mark the electrical points on it according to our customer's placement guidelines

  2. We calculate the current in all paths and the total connected load. We design the distribution circuit and single-line diagram for the project using statutory safety guidelines for that particular part of the world. The design includes distribution transformers, transformer yards, main switchgear, floor switchgear, consumer distribution boards and switchboards

  3. We give the total load figure along with calculation details to our customer

  4. We assist our customer in obtaining power from the local utility based on the above information

  5. We design the conduit layout for electrical distribution in the project

  6. We compile a bill of materials for the design including labor charges

  7. Once work starts, we visit the site at regular intervals to check for adherence to our design

  8. We are available at all times for technical discussions with the local utility

  9. We supervise certification tests and project energization